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The Lays of Assiriand is my legendarium, and in this exploration videogame you can learn about it! The soundtrack is composed by myself, since I'm composer, and each world has its own thematic music!

"At the beginning there was the one called Assian, the Thought. Nobody know too much about his history nor his ancient existence, all the Aelmë know about this strange living being is known by them through the Perennsil, his most perfect creation."

After some millenia, other being appeared, called Émial, the Faith, and both created the Sonë, the Children. They created Seven Worlds, with a race in each world. The names of the worlds are Assiriand, Norgidiand, Ciriliand, Asgariand, Midiand, Esteliand and Helíriand, at least those are their names in Aëlmin, the language of the Aelmë, the race of Assiriand.

Mínireth was the creator of Helíriand, Land of Energies. But some creatures appeared in Unir, the universe. They are the Nameless, and they influenced him. Mínireth wanted to reclaim his world, but the Helimard, the race he created, didn't listen to him. So, in year 232, happened the Ruin of Helíriand, also known as the Battle of the Three Days. After this event, Helíriand was known as the Land of the Devastated.

But Mínireth wanted to conquer the other worlds. He went to Assiriand, and corrupted the people. The Corrupts were born, and among them, he rose Six Lieutenants, the Aancë, the Shadow Lieutenants, that had the task to conquer the worlds in his name.

I will let videos talking about the creation below, but you will find this too in the introduction of the game.


Explore the Seven Worlds of Unir, each one with its own history.

Answer the Call of the Being and follow the instructions to continue your adventure.


Follow the Being to the Room of the Worlds to inmerse yourself in each one of them!

Includes different Rooms about the history of Unir

Includes the Room of Trophies (see Trophies below)

Once you get the Seven Keys you will be able to continue to the endgame and more!

The Seven Worlds

Explore Assiriand, Norgidiand, Ciriliand, Asgariand, Midiand, Esteliand and Helíriand!

Each world has the names in their original language. So, their names are Assiriand, Norgdgiand, Cil-e-Land, Asgaralad, Midyanin, Estel'inam and Helrriand

Each world has 9 zones, structured of the same way, so you won't be lost: welcome hall, main town, coast, western crossroad, eastern crossroad, sanctuary, field of fun, garden of heroes and training ground, each one with its own name!

The main buildings of the worlds are: house of the ruler, temple, building of fun, palace of the heroes and barracks, each one with its own name!

Other important buildings are: the store, the armoury, the inn and a cultural building, different in each world (see below Store and Inn).

Other buildings can be found, as: harbor, towers, resting rooms...

System of Trophies and Items

In your adventure in the worlds you will collect many items related with the history and the culture of them. You can find items in a great variety of things, like chests, shelves, wells, talking with NPCs, and more, so don't forget to check all! Although apparently they are useless, they are necessary to collect all the trophies and unlock the real endgame, that it is not related with the endgame of Update 1, it is related with the endgame of the game itself. The endgame of Trophies is like a secondary endgame that you will see at the end of the game after Update 3 (after completing the future trophies too)

In Update 1 there are 21 trophies, being one of them about collecting all items.

The trophies are divided in three sections: the main one about to collect all items, common trophies and cultural trophies.

To get the trophies you need to use the parchments in the room having the necessary items in the inventory. When you get a trophy you will get a title, that represents that you actually have earned the trophy. The titles have the same name as the trophy itself.

In the trophies you can choose if you want to read or not an explanation about the items you need to have.

The trophy Master of the First Era is about to collect all other trophies (that is, to have all titles of trophies in the inventory) plus other items not included in the other trophies.

The Common Trophies are trophies related with common items that you can find in each world. They are Historian of the First Era, Honoured of the Rulers, Explorer of the Worlds, Pupil of the Heroes, Pupil of War, Pupil of the Beings, Sage of the Replicas, Listener of Ethnic Music, Lover of Traditional Instruments, and Lover of Delicious Fruits.

The Cultural Trophies are trophies about more specific items related with the culture. They are Hungry Traveler, Trier of Good Food, Collector of Antiquities, Student of Science, Knower of the Dinosaurs, Explorer of the Saminelam, Survivor of the Ruin, Spectator of Tortures, Challenger of Shadow and Owner of the Houses.

System of Hunger and the Inn

Once you reach the worlds your morale will decrease with time. It is like you lose health points by having hungry. You can increase your morale of two ways:

Go to the Inns of each world and recieve food, that once it is used, you will recover morale.

Use your skill Well-Travelled to recover morale (see Skills below)

The Seven Keys and the Store

The endgame of Update 1 is related with the adquisition of Seven Keys that you have to buy in the Stores of each world, one per world. This key allow you to own a house in the world, so at the end you should have a home in each one of the worlds.

To buy the keys you need money, represented with a U of Unir in this game, because although each world has its own currency, as a whole game I just can put one name.

To get the money you need to find 4 little jewels in each world. By selling them you will have enough money to buy them.

There are 4 jewels in each world necessary to purchase all the Keys.

Once you have the Seven Keys you can go to the Rooms of the Beings and continue to experience the endgame of Update 1!

Class and Skills

Your class is Traveller.

There is no combat in Update 1. There are plans to include a combat system in Update 3 but can take some time due to lore reasons.

So, in Update 1 you won't be able to level up. Your level is 1 and the only skill you have is Well-Travelled, that regenerates morale. It cost power points, that you can restore with food of the Inn.

About the Statues and the Palace of the Heroes

Around all the worlds there are statues about the heroes and also the iconography!

The Palace of the Heroes (with different name in each world) is where you can find all the statues of the heroes, with their names, chronology and deeds.

I could say this is the most important building of the worlds since it is the one with more lore!

In Update 1 only is opened the Room of the First Era.

In Update 2 will be opened the Room of the Second Era.

In Update 3 will be opened the Room of the Third Era.

The NPCs

The NPCs say you things about the heroes, and even give you some items! Don't forget to talk with them and various times!

Known issues

Some NPCs in interiors where there is a fireplace, if they walk near the fire, the fire appears over them. I don't really know how to solve it, because if I change it, it would be the player who would have the issue.

Some animals are configurated as passables due to their little size (chicks, lizards, little serpents...). These animals have the issue that also can walk over walls (well, over all the map). I don't really know how to solve it, because to change it would mean that you couldn't pass over them, and that would be very bad.

The worlds of Midyanin and Helrriand should have a rain cycle. I have been testing a script for hours, and my conclusion is that it works when it wants. As I am not programmer, it is really difficult for me to work with scripts, although that one is not the only one I've used. So, if you see rain in those two worlds, don't surprise. And if you don't see, it's not a real problem.

Videos about the lore

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