Asta: The Conflict Lands - Release Notes

Third Expansion – The Conflict Lands

             Join Arita or Heuk in the lands of conflict and help the army against your enemies. In your journey, you will not only face your opponents from the other faction, but also terrible spawns sent by the Eight Trigrams. Fight for the glory of your faction and defy the Eight Trigrams Army! This expansion includes levels 35-50 and the Senso Tier.

  • The Conflict Lands are available. These include Myowon, Sacheon and Mukyung for the Asu, and Pian, Sacheon and Mukyung for the Ora
  • Three dungeons per faction: Institute of the Colored Crystal, Arena of the Eight Trigrams and Temple of the Eight Trigrams. Face the Lieutenants of the Eight Trigrams and earn the victory for your faction!
  • There are 10 quests per region, so a total of 30 quests. These quests are for levels 35-50
  • Senso Tier. This includes weapons, armour and all kind of crafting for levels 35-50. The Senso Room was added to the Crafting Hall of the castles
  • Hangaku Takeko the Mage and Yutu the Rabbit are available as allies once you complete their quests
  • Continue the Epic Quests! Talk to Arita or Heuk in the Harbor of Vigilance to continue. Title Pilgrim as reward of the Epic Quests
  • The Stablemasters of Asa Castle and Hwangcheon Castle have been updated, and now the Stablemasters of Myowon and Pian offer the same services, since these regions are the second capital of the factions. These Stablemasters, and only these ones, offer travels between zones, regions and to the Kinship Hall (only if you have earned the Leadership). The future Stablemaster of Mongyudo will also offer these services

Changes from previous version

  • A missing tree in the Harbor of Ascension in Bingwoon was corrected
  • A typo in the Study of the Yasaeng Tier was corrected
  • The crafted meals now properly work as consumables
  • Changed the animation of elixirs
  • Arita and Heuk now wait you outside the Cave of the Niao/Cave of the She instead inside, in Han/Sulkyung respectively. This was changed to make that they aren’t in a mob area
  • The instance of the Flaming Tower, the Heart of the Flames, now display its proper name in the map name
  • The Fortress of the Renegades/Fortress of the Phantoms in Munhap/Surakyung has earned a new look, similar to the Flaming Tower, only in walls, floor and the outline
  • The Treasure Hunters of Cheolcheol/Jedo in Nakcheon/Sangkyung are fixed, now they offer the treasure map store when you haven’t any map on yourself
  • The world maps of the Second Expansion no longer will save the colour/fog/weather of its region
  • The gold earned with the bounty hunter activities has been rebalanced
  • The amount of Taegeuk tokens that you can get with the Expedition to Nakcheon/Sangkyung has been changed
  • An additional text line has been added to the last questgiver in the Sentinels Crossroad of Nakcheon/Sangkyung
  • The bosses of the Heart of Flames of Sangkyung have been corrected
  • Added a new dialog when you enter to the last wing of the Heart of the Renegades/Heart of the Phantoms in Munhap/Surakyung and the Heart of Flames in Nakcheon/Sangkyung. The dungeons of the Conflict Lands have dialogs per wings due to it being more dungeon-intense story-wise
  • The skills have been rebalanced
  • All the enemies have changed the attack animation considering the weapon they use
  • A couple bounty enemies have changed their weapons


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Jul 01, 2019

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