Asta: The Wild Lands - Release Notes

Second Expansion – The Wild Lands

             Follow Arita or Heuk through the wild lands and fight against strange dangers to make these regions more secure. Terrible creatures from the earth and waters should be defeated if the army is going to pass in aid for the great conflict! This expansion includes levels 20-35 and the Yasaeng Tier.

  • The Wild Lands are available. These include Bokhwacheon, Haseolcheon and Nakcheon for the Asu, and Myungkyung, Honmakyung and Sangkyung for the Ora
  • Three dungeons per faction: Dark Refuge, Sanctuary of the Seal and Flaming Tower. Face the Herald of the Eight Trigrams and make the passing of the army safer!
  • There are 10 quests per region, so a total of 30 quests. These quests are for levels 20-35
  • Yasaeng Tier. This includes weapons, armour and all kind of crafting for levels 20-35. The Yasaeng Room was added to the Crafting Hall of the castles
  • Huang Tong the Archer and Xuanwu the Turtle are available as allies once you complete their quests
  • Continue the Epic Quests! Talk to Arita or Heuk in the Palace of Arita/Heuk to continue. Title Prophet as reward of the Epic Quests

Changes from previous version

  • Green trees in all non-sand Training Regions have been changed
  • Non-flourished trees in Munhap and Asu Kinship Hall have been changed
  • There is now a separate road leading to the Path of the Temples in Gookhee to allow you to go there without walking among enemy dragons. The NPC that gives the quest that requires you to kill dragons is now placed in this area, called Road of the Temples
  • Exterior of Cave of the Niao/Cave of the She has been slightly modified, and also the Plain of Obedience in Sulkyung
  • Water in the Harbor of Descension in Bureumnuri now matches the corresponding water to swamp land
  • A couple of pandas have been added to Jorang Park and Tomb of Beoseon in Munhap/Surakyung respectively
  • Festive decorations have been added inside the castles
  • Added some lights inside the Bansang Hall/Joongcheon Hall
  • Corrected some typos in the Crafting Halls
  • Trader inside Kinship Halls now offers Fishing Rods too
  • Some items dropped by mobs have earned a new description and the treasures from bosses now indicate the tier, also changed in boss-defeat texts
  • The Quartermasters in the Training Lands have changed their skin. Now I will use the same skin for the quartermaster npc. There will be two kinds of quartermasters: main region quartermaster and secondary regions quartermaster. These will have different skins but they’ll be the same in all expansions, same as other basic npcs as stores or minigames npcs
  • An exploit that would make the Epic Quest in the Fortress easier has been corrected
  • The price of all weapons and armours have been increased to X5 (except Apprentice, Traveller and all Crafted)
  • Some skills now have a higher power cost

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