Asta: The Homely Lands - Release Notes

First Expansion – The Homely Lands

 Earn the trust of Arita or Heuk through the training regions to get access to the capital region. The Asa Castle or the Hwangcheon Castle awaits for you! This expansion includes levels 1-20 and the Jia Tier.

  • Two factions: Asu and Ora
  • Five classes: warrior, archer, mercenary, mage and healer
  • The Training Lands and the Capital Land are available. These include Han, Bingwoon, Gookhee and Munhap for the Asu, and Sulkyung, Seoriya, Bureumnuri and Surakyung for the Ora. These regions are for levels 1-20
  • Two dungeons per faction: Cave of the Niao/Cave of the She and Fortress of the Renegades/Fortress of the Phantoms. Reduce the menace of the traitors and take your faction to victory!
  • The Training Lands have 15 quests in total, five per region, and the Capital Land has another 15 quests, so a total of 30 quests. These quests are for levels 1-20
  • Jia Tier. This includes weapons, armour and all kind of crafting for levels 1-20. Start your crafting in the castle
  • Kinship Hall as reward of the Epic Quests
  • Nakano Kaihime the Healer and Haetae the Dog are available as allies once you complete their quests
  • Title Disciple as reward of the Epic Quests
  • Teleports: stablemasters in the main cities and Return to skills available when reaching maximum reputation in the corresponding region (except Return to Harbor, as reward of the Epic Quests). The stablemasters in kinship hall and the castle can teleport between regions too
  • Hobbies: fishing, bounty hunting and treasure hunting. Talk to the masters in the castle for more information

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