Asta: The Arid Lands - Release Notes

Fourth Expansion – The Arid Lands

             Travel with Arita or Heuk to the arid lands and journey to the great island. In your journey to the eastern harbor you will have to cross the desert and face the followers of the Eight Trigrams that guard this corner of the world. Travel to the island and fight against the Eight Trigrams Army as you approach to their lair! This expansion includes levels 50-55 and the Ganhan Tier.

  • The Arid Lands are available. These include Bulhwado for the Asu and the Ora. The Island is available via Nodo, also available for the Asu and the Ora.
  • Bulhwado is the levelling area and should be used for that purpose, while Nodo, the northern part of the Island, is intended to be a high difficulty area for endgame, with repeteables and many challenges.
  • One dungeon per faction and a whole region full of challenges: Mountain of Trials and the region of Nodo. Overcome the guards of the eastern lands and face the Commanders of the Eight Trigrams in Nodo for the glory of your faction!
  • There are 10 quests in Bulhwado, and 5 quests in Nodo. The quests of Nodo, once completed one time, become repeteables and no longer will give reputation, only the other rewards.
  • Ganhan Tier. This includes weapons, armour and all kind of crafting for levels 50-55. The Ganhan Room was added to the Crafting Hall of the castles
  • Hua Yue the Mercenary and Kitsune the Fox are available as allies once you complete their quests
  • Continue the Epic Quests! Talk to Arita or Heuk in the Altar of the Eight Trigrams to continue. Title Ascetic as reward of the Epic Quests
  • Meet the Rakshasa in Bulhwado, an original class of Asta that didn’t made to this game’s playable classes
  • The Harbor of the Sun and the Harbor of the Moon now have updated their destinities
  • The central boat can take you to the Training Lands, via selecting Han/Bingwoon/Gookhee or Sulkyung/Seoriya/Bureumnuri depending where you are. The dialogs of Arita and Heuk now specify that you must use the central boat. The teleports in these other harbors have been adapted to this change
  • The west boat of the Harbor takes you to the Continent Harbors, via selecting Nakcheon/Myowon/Bulhwado or Sangkyung/Pian/Bulhwado depending where you are. You must visit these harbors at least one time to have the travels unlocked. The purpose of this change is that you can access easily to the lands via this harbor
  • The east boat of the Harbor takes you to the Harbor of the Island in Nodo, but you must visit this harbor at least one time to have this boat unlocked. The purpose of this change is that you can access easily to this island via this harbor
  • The Title Screen and the HUD have been modified

 Changes from previous version

  • Your allies now will keep all the experience earned if you change them
  • Some graphical issues were corrected
  • Fixed that you lose Yasaeng items instead Senso items while crafting scrolls in the Senso Cook Crafting, now you properly lose Senso items
  • Fixed the text in the Ora Senso Craftings that appears if you don’t have the proficiencies. Now it says that you need to visit Hwangcheon Castle
  • Fixed the music and screen tint of the Yasaeng and Senso Floors in the Crafting Hall of the Hwangcheon Castle
  • Fixed Ora archers that had fixed direction in Sacheon
  • The welcoming signals in all the main cities of the Wild Lands and the Conflict Lands now welcome you to the city as they did in the Capital Lands
  • A sentence in all the reputation quartermasters have been corrected
  • Fixed that some regional world maps of the Ora faction still showed the climate of its region
  • The travel post of Bulhwado (Ora) has been moved a bit from its original location
  • Some typos were corrected in the dialogs of some bosses of the Temple of the Eight Trigrams
  • All the Quartermasters now have the option to Cancel if you want to select any of the special reputation stores


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